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            After Independence, the demand for higher education greatly increased, and many young men of Vijayawada and the surrounding towns and villages set out for Tamil Nadu in search of quality education. Grieved by their plight, the Catholic Bishops of Andhra Pradesh, in particular, Bishop Ignatius Mummadi of Guntur Diocese, requested the Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus, who had already made outstanding contributions to education in India, to establish a college in Vijayawada. In response, a committed band of Jesuits, headed by Fr Karnam Deviah, SJ, came to Vijayawada from the then Madurai Jesuit Province in Tamil Nadu. Thanks to the generous financial support of local philanthropists, Andhra Loyola College was established on a 110-acre land in the year 1953 (classes commenced on July 22, 1954) with Rev Fr Theo Mathias, SJ, (who later became a professor at Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur) as its first Principal. The college was affiliated to Andhra University till December 1976 and to Nagarjuna University thereafter. It is now affiliated to Krishna University.

 The MBA program was started in the year 2000 and was affiliated to Acharya  Nagarjuna University till the year 2010 and it is now affiliated to Krishna University, Machilipatnam with the objective of training young men and women who would effectively take up responsibility as management leaders, senior administrators and executives in the industry.  The program is tailored meticulously keeping in mind the industry dynamics and the ever changing economic scenario.The goals of the department are listed below.


➤To equip students with necessary knowledge and managerial skills and competencies to

occupy positions of management and administration in business, industry, public systems and 

the government

➤To inculcate appropriate ethical values and attitudes among students to function effectively in
the work environment

➤To provide a right mix of managerial and business exposure to function effectively in various

domains of management 

Students who complete MBA should be able to:    
Familiarize themselves with financial concepts, analysis and reporting systems
⧫Identify customer needs and to participate in the process of developing products and services
Realize production models, distribution systems, and their role in the value creation process
Understand the political, environmental, legal, and regulatory settings of the organization
Appreciate the importance of multicultural, ethnic, ethical and gender issues in the organization
Acquire leadership skills, understand group and individual dynamics, and be able to work in teams
Enhance oral and written communication skills
Develop comprehensive problem solving and decision making skills   
⧫Appreciate the interrelationships among functional areas of management


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  1. can i get the course structure regarding MBA.what are special electives i get go through,certification course all the infrmation in the same way.
    where can i get them?
    Unable to find please help.