Sunday, March 13, 2016

Onion Insights Pvt Ltd., Mumbai partners with the Department of MBA, ALC

Onion Inights Pvt Ltd., a marketing research enterprise in Mumbai provided the students of the department of MBA, ALC with an opportunity to do a mystery shopping assignment.

Y Harika (NMBA 38), Sk Nur Basha (NMBA 20), J Ganesh (NMBA 34), and G Nazar (NMBA 17) visited the designated stores in Tenali, Ongole, Ananthpur and Eluru and completed the mystery shopping assignment. The name of the store cannot be revealed as it was a mystery shopping assignment.

Impressed with the performance of our students, Onion Insights came back to us with another marketing research assignment. This time the students are required to conduct a survey at a major store in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. The students would be paid a stipend of Rs 600/- and a certificate will be issued acknowledging their contribution.

The details of the students taking up the assignment will be published after the assignment is completed.


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